How to charge #1

Get our app
Fines Charging

To locate our chargers and charge your vehicle, simply get the Fines Charging app.

How to charge #2

Charge without using our app

After you have already created a Fines Charging account, you can activate the following charging options:

RFID card

You can order a charging card and we'll deliver it to you to an address in Bulgaria. That way you can start and stop charging sessions by simply swiping the charging card on the charger.


After a few successful charging sessions, you can activate Autocharge so that our DC chargers can detect and activate automatically the charging sessions for your vehicle without using an RFID card or our app.

How to charge #3

Charging as a guest

If you do not want to create an account in our network, you can simply charge as a guest by prepaying your charging session with Apple Pay, Google Pay or a bank card.

Simply scan the QR code on the charger and follow the instructions on your smartphone screen.

How to charge #4

More than a 100 roaming partners

Fines Charging is in roaming agreements with all major European EV charging services, including the OEM ones.

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